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December 04, 2020

Is It Time For NashTV To Pull The Plug On Color Vibes Quantity & Less Quality Of Songs

Is it time for NashTV to pull the plug on Color Vibes videos. This is the question many fans of Zimbabwean music have started asking. There is an English saying that says “too much of anything is never a good thing.” NashTV is one of the biggest brands in the Zimbabwean music industry today. Fans and musicians are grateful for all the entertainment & empowerment they are providing. Color Vibes has helped boost the careers of musicians like Jah Master, Poptain and lots more. Mukudzeyi Jr who received over 1 million views on YouTube for his video on Color Vibes. When NashTV started Color Vibes the songs and artists produced quality music which were hits and fans were enjoying this concept. Color Vibes had the same concept which was started by top blogge

August 22, 2020

MDC Alliance’s Job Wiwa Sikhala On His Way To Prison

The national vice-chairperson of the opposition MDC Alliance, Job Sikhala will tonight sleep in prison after a Harare Magistrate postponed a hearing on his application that sought to challenge his placement on remand. Sikhala who was arrested on Friday is accused of inciting public violence after he allegedly encouraged members of the public to participate in anti-government protests. His case was postponed to Monday at 1130 hours when he appeared before Harare Magistrate this Saturday.

February 10, 2020

Soul Jah Love Breaks His Silence On His Drug Use & Visiting Prophet Magaya

Soul jah Love has broken his silence about his recent incident with drug abuse which eventually led him to visit prophet Walter Magaya. Sou Jah Love has had a long history of drug abuse. Watch  the Video Below

December 17, 2019

Politicians & Pastors Anesta Nehu Blesser Pana University

In a shocking video students at Zimbabwean Universities are finally speaking out about hos prominent pastors, ministers and prophets are acting as blessers to these young ladies. Most of these students are struggling while in college so using thier influence and money they use these girls to please them .  watch the video below

December 16, 2019

Marry Chiwenga’s Father Kenny Mubaiwa Speaks Achabuda D Chete

Marry Chiwenga’s father speaks out after daughter’s arrest Marry Chiwenga’s father Kenny Mubaiwa has said justice will prevail after his daughter was denied bail and locked behind bars for a slew of charges including attempted murder or VP Chiwenga.In a dramatic twist, Marry was considered a flight risk by the state thus she was denied bail.She was remanded in custody up to the 30th of December. Marry’s father was asked on what he thought of his daughter’s inceration and the crestfallen Kenny said justice will prevail. Marry Chiwenga’s father Kenny Mubaiwa has said justice will prevail after his daughter was denied bail and locked behind bars for a slew of charges including attempted murder of VP Constantino Chiwenga. In a dramatic twist of even

November 20, 2019

Super Model Hillary Makaya Breaks The Internet With Her Photo Shoot

International Super model Hillary Makaya has broken the internet with her recent photo shot . Watch below the video MULTI-award winning Zimbabwean teenage model, Hillary Makaya has revealed that she took from social media to buy herself a lavish house in South Africa. The 17-year-old model scooped the Miss Teen World Heritage and Miss Zim Intercontinental beauty peagant trophies in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Makaya took to her official Instagram page to share the exciting news with a videos of her home tour. “I have been off social media for a while now but it’s only because I was busy getting my title deeds in order,” she wrote. She added that she had dreamt of buying a house when she turned 18 but was glad she had achieved that already. The beauty

November 14, 2019

Hillary Makaya Interviews Urban Tete Zuva Habane

In an exclusive interview super model Hillary Makaya interviewed one of the most popular and smartest ladies on Social Media Zuva Habane. Zuva also known as Urban Tete has become a huge celebrity and at the same time growing her brand. Zuva Habane is a genuine person and tells it like it is. MULTI-award winning Zimbabwean teenage model, Hillary Makaya who is rumored to be dating Robert Mugabe Jr is a star in the making. Having these two strong women toget is a womerful thing watch the interview below:  

October 31, 2019

SHOCKING PROPHECY: Shepherd Bushiri To Die This December: Passion Java

Prophet passion Java has seen a prophecy where prophet bushir wil die in December, Watch the video and just for yourself. Passion Java has been in Africa celebrating his birthday. For the last few weeks. 

September 27, 2019

The Real Reason Andy Muridzo Dumped Mai Keketso

New infomation has come to light on why Andy Muridzo dumped mai keketso. the story involves, witch craft, mahure and njuzu watch this video below and judge for yourself.  

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