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April 21, 2022

Kudhura Kwe Hat DzaMudiwa Hood DzeWool Dzonetsa PaSocial Media

Gospel Hip Hop legend Mudiwa Hood just opened his luxuary botique  and many on social media are in shock at the price of the items in the store. Mudiwa Hoop posted some wollen hats for $55 USD and social media went crazy with shock. See the post below. Our exclusive and limited MH 100% wool hats are only $55,00 USD each. Our products are Luxury products which were hand made with passion, and with maximum & close attention to detail!... Dear Mudiwa Hood brand never apologize for being MHB because Tommy Hilfiger ,Nike ,Billabong etc have never apologized yet ,Zimbabwean love to criticize a fellow countryman yet they dont criticize the white man because they are still captured by the whiteman,even the brains of born frees (still caputured) Goals and standards are set,you ca

August 21, 2019

Jah Signal Launches Clothing Line- Swaah Family

FAST-RISING dancehall chanter Jah Signal has branched off into fashion design with the launch of his new clothing line, Zimbolivenews  Fashion has learnt. The trending Stonyeni hit-maker said he decided to unveil the clothing line — Swaah Family — to expand his fan base. Jah Signal said after testing the market and discovering that the clothing line had many takers, he decided to go for the fashion brand.  “I decided to unveil the Swaah family clothing line because of the response I have been getting from those who had bought the clothes. Even some who didn’t ike my music fell in love with the clothing products,” he said. In a market dominated by other fashion brands, Jah Signal said he believed his music brand had grown so much that h

August 31, 2018

Stunner Da Des Vs Mudiwa Hood Who Does It Better ?

Stunner Da Des and Mudiwa Hood are the most flamboyant musicians in Zimbabwe. They have won 40 musical awards between the two of them. They have won seven best-dressed awards between them. No one in the Zimbabwean Music Industry has a sense of class and style like these two musicians. Stunner Da Des is the proclaimed King of HipHop in Zimbabwe, Mudiwa Hood is the Proclaimed King of Gospel Hip Hop. These two musicians has always challenged each other be it in fashion or making the best single. The competition between Stunner Da Des and Mudiwa Hood has made both performers better at their Craft. Zimbolivenews would like to thank these two musicians for their hard work. Leave your comment below on who your favorite artist is between the two music icons.

August 31, 2018

Brian Derick Nyamushamba & Ashford Ashbragger Chimombe Fashion

Ashford Ashbragger Chimombe & Brian Derick Nyamushamba are the most popular Zimbabwean Social Media Admins. These two guys have a sense of style and fashion. Zimbolivenews loves these guys so much and we felt we had to recognise them for thier great work entertaining Zimbabweans. Zimbolivenews would like to get your opinion on who is a better Dresser or anonyatso fitwa ne smart. post your comments below the posts. Formal Wear Ashford looking stunning complimented by his beautiful Mom   Brian Looking Handsome and Charming BAE   Casual Wear Ashford Wearing A  New Orleans Saints NFL Jersey (Jimmy Graham #80) With A Tan Boot   Brian Wearing The Classic Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey & Tan Boot

August 14, 2018

Desmond Chideme Stunner Is Stunning

Mudiwa Hood, Ginimbi, Phillip Chiyangwa take a back seat gentlemen, we have a news sheriff in town and Stunner Da Des is his name. When it comes to kugeza and smart Olinda Chapel could not of said it better “Panyaya yekugeza baba Celeste vanogona" If an Ex can give such compliments who can deny the fact that Stunner is a fashion trend setter. Stunner can wear maTommy EMUTOWENYEMBA and make then look cool. Stunner’s wardrobe is not limited to urban wear only where he dominates with his color coordinations. Stunner can be exquisite when he dresses in bussiness or formal wear, or BALL GENTS like they say in Zimbabwe. After seeing Stunner give David Beckham run for him money, we had to give Stunner Da Des SANDO DZAKE paSMART. To Zimbabwean guy’s step up you