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June 23, 2024

Auxillia, & Chivayo Zvopandukirana in ugly fallout

T lady Auxillia Mnangagwa is said to have ordered controversial business- man Wicknell Chivhayo to be shut out of State House after a recording of him al- legedly boasting that President Emmer- son Mnangagwa is in his pockets.     Chivhayo is facing a Zimbabwe Anti-Cor- ruption Commission (Zacc) investigation af- ter a public fallout with his business part- ners Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu re- vealed that he could have benefited from an allegedly corrupt Zimbabwe Electoral Com- mission (Zec) tender worth US$40 million. In the recording he could be heard saying he can land any lucrative government ten- der because of his proximity to Mnangagwa and other top officials.   Officials close to the first lady said she re- acted angrily to Chivayo’s revel

May 23, 2024

Mu Zimba Arikuita Basa Rekubata maZimba Kwiyo Ku Delft CapeTown Azobatwa Akarangwa Video

Mu Zimba Arikuita Basa Rekubata maZimba Kwiyo Ku Delft CapeTown Azobatwa Akarangwa Video   Zvionerei mega Video below    

May 21, 2024

Nyaya Yamadzimai Emily Yakora Muto Madzibaba Tendai Magaya Vosungwa Kuti Ndivo Vakabuditsa MaNyudzu Mushure Mekurambwa

It is being alleged that Madzibaba Tapiwa Tendai Magaya is the person vakabuditsa Madzimai Emily’s musvo videos.             In an audio sent to zimcelebs , it is alleged that the Emily and Tapiwa were dating but they broke up end of 2022 when the girl realized kuti aidyirwa mari namadzibaba. The videos were in an iphone 11 pro max which she gave to Tapiwa after she has upgraded her phone.   Emily broke up with Tapiwa because she realized kuti aidyiwa mari and panga pasina rudo. She then did a tik tok video advising ana madzimai not to date ma porofita. This triggered Madzibaba Tapiwa who thought the video was directed at him. In screenshots obtaibed by Zimcelebs [slide] Madzibaba received over $5000 usd from his

March 29, 2024

Shadaya Okumbira Rubatsiro Kumapurisa Ndibatsireyi Pane Vanhu Varikuda Kundiuraya

@PoliceZimbabwe I greatly require your assistance. Normally I wouldn't bring such issues out on public platforms as they can be misinterpreted, but I have no other option. I have been getting constant threats on my life and family as well for the past week I ignored it initially as pranks but when I start getting messages from family and friends about unidentified people asking about my routine, location and other information.        I have to take it seriously My family and friends are very worried about my safety, constantly getting messages and even in person threats that "I'm wanted". To my knowledge I have not committed any crime, neither have I even said anything that can be regarded as a crime. Unless talking about societal is

February 25, 2024

Mnangagwa Business Partner Gutai Lisa-Marie Maropafadzo Steals US$300K In A Coal Deal

A WOMAN, who is said to have close links to President Emmerson Mangagwa and his fam-ily, is at the centre of an alleged theft scandal involving the seizure of coke worth US$300 000 from the Chinese-run Hwange Coal Gasification Company.     Gutai Lisa-Marie Maropafadzo is said to have used hired thugs to raid the coal mining company in Harare on different occasions and the raids almost turned ugly last Thursday after clashes at the mine.     The matter was reported on Wednesday last week at Hwange Police station under Report Received Book (RRB) number 5755005.     Maropafadzo allegedly boasted that she would not be arrested because she was close to Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) commissioner general Godwin Matanga.

January 30, 2024

Jailed Former Deputy Minister Mukupe Vobatwa Vachibhaudha Female Prison Officer Kumagaro

FORMER Deputy Minister of Finance, Terence Mukupe has again displayed his nymphomaniac disposition and was reportedly caught red handed having sexual intercourse with a prison officer,Express Mail Zim can report.           The former Wall Street banker is serving a three-year jail term for smuggling diesel and inside sources allege that his ‘sparring partner’ was one Janet Mutizwa, a prison officer at Harare Central Prison. Zimbabwean law has no room for conjugal rights for inmates and this has resulted in corruption where prison officers are allegedly bribed to offer services to wealthy inmates. “Mukupe’s issue is just a tip of the iceberg. “Wealthy inmates always find their way to get what they need in

January 24, 2024

Chadonha Investigator Kudakwashe Chidawa Asungwa NeNyaya Yekuba Toyota Hilux Ku South Africa Akayi Smuggler PaBoarder Akaitengesera Munhu MuZimbabwe

Tafadzwa Chidawa, also known as Detective Kedha on social media, as he is now facing theft charges. Detective Kedha is popular for viral videos in which he targets and ‘apprehends’ thieves in the Harare CBD.             The former cop appeared in court yesterday accused of stealing a vehicle worth US$12 000 from South Africa and smuggling it into Zimbabwe. He was remanded in custody to Friday for his bail hearing. He has two other pending fraud cases.The State said Detective Kedha stole a Toyota Hilux double cab from South Africa and smuggled it into the country in December 2022.           It accused him of fraudulently registering the vehicle and ensuring that it had Zi

January 21, 2024

Musikana Akachekwa Kudamvurwa Musoro Maoko Nemakumbo NeMuNigerian Akasangana Naye PaInstagram

Musikana Akachekwa Kudamvurwa Musoro Maoko Nemakumbo NeMuNigerian Akasangana Naye PaInstagram        

January 16, 2024

Israeli Businessmen Voendesa Prophet Walter Magaya Ku International Crimes Court Akatibira US$3 Million Court Yemu Zimbabwe Hapana Zvainomuita

A group of Israeli businessmen claims to have been swindled out of US$3 million by Walter Magaya, the leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) church in Zimbabwe. The businessmen have warned that if they do not receive justice from the local courts, they will take the matter to international courts. The case is currently before the High Court of Zimbabwe, The Mirror reported.         The businessmen allege that Magaya received the money through Ronny Levi Musan, the Consul General of Zimbabwe in Israel appointed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. They express shock at the scam and state that it is unheard of in Israel for a man of God to deceive people in the name of God. They said: We hope that we will get justice in the courts

January 15, 2024

Prophet Evidence Chari Voshurwa Muchurch na Prophetess Hadassah Hanzi Wakaba Motor Yangu

A local church leader was humiliated in front of his congregation by a prophetess during a service on Friday for duping her of her vehicle and crashing it beyond repair in a road traffic accident in South Africa.           Prophetess Hadassah Caroline hired bouncers and confronted Prophet Evidence Chari at his Grace Family International Church during a service dubbed “Record Breaking Friday”.               Prophetess Hadassah, the founder of a women’s prayer group, Munamato weMudzimai, demanded her vehicle as Prophet Chari’s bemused congregants looked on.           “Prophet what I want is my car only,” she s

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