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March 10, 2020

Mwari Haape Zvese Ginimbi Should Stick To Making Money Zvabhakera Zvakaramba

Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure is a very wealthy man and is loved by many in Zimbabwe for having the nice cars and beautiful house and clothes. As they say mwari haape munhu zvese. From the video below  its easy to see that the game of Boxing is not something Ginimbi was blessed with. From the video Ginimbi misses several punches from his trainer. If Ginimbi can miss a punch he is ment to hit and located perfect for him. How would he do in a fight with someone trying to dodge his punches. Maybe Ginimbi needs to get Lessons from Sabena Ruwizhi who is not a certified Olympic boxing trainer. Watch the video below Boxing is definately Not Ginimbis thing he must stick to making money.

February 06, 2020

Official Zimbabwe Valentines Day 2020 Song Private Lover Stunner ft Freeman

Zimbabweans have spoken and the official Zimbabwe Valentines Day 2020 song will be Private Lover by Stunner ft Freeman. Zimbolivenews did a poll on which song should be the Official Valentines day for 2020 and Private Lover won with 78% of the votes. The song is off Stunners Ghetto Chronicles album which is probably Stunners best album. Listen To the song below:

November 18, 2019

Queen Tatelicious Releases Brand News Song Ndirangarire Chaminuka

Queen Of Entertainment Tatelicious has released a new hit song titled NdirangarireChaminuka she posted on her facebook page. asking for reviews. its a great song and will be a hit for the festive season. My new song #Ndirangarire_Chaminuka “I wrote this song 3days ago and it’s message is illuminating from that someone who used to be looked down upon and now that someone has become successful in life,everyone who used to look down on him/her is now wanting money and help from that person.” What is your take guys? Do you like it ? I really appreciate your #Constructive_Critism before I go to polish it up in the studio. I love you all and #Makandikoshera_Mufunge

October 31, 2019

Prophet Walter Magaya Vachibata Mbavha Muchurch

Prophet Walter Magaya during a service sported a thief in his church and called him out. The thief is in so much shock that he confesses all his crimes. This is the best of Prophet Walter Magaya. Must Watch.  

September 06, 2019

Tribute To Former Zimbabwe President Robert Gabrial Mugabe RIP Gushungo

Tribute To Former Zimbabwe President Robert Gabrial Mugabe RIP Gushungo

August 19, 2019

Powerful Message From Prophet Oscar Pambuka

Powerful Words From Prophet Oscar Pambuka.

August 19, 2019

Lesson & Advise For Men By Prophet Passion Java ( Kuita Damba Refu Pabonde)

The great Phophet Passion Java share advise and lessions with men on how to be better husbands and lovers to thier wifes and answers the million dollar question. How to achieve Dambarefu pa Bonde.  

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