Air Marshall Shiri Assassinated By The Global Army Covid-19 Maenzanise


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Air Marshall Shiri Assassinated By The Global Army Covid-19 Maenzanise

He lies cold in his mortuary air-tight bag, tight not to continue to spread the lethal virus he succumbed to. We delight at the thought that even people who appear to be immortal are indeed mortal and we wonder still why the frenzy of killing innocent people was about if the end tells us we go the same route: death. We have watched with great amusement when Mnangagwa is giving unpresidential speeches: he gives the impression that death does not belong to him and his cronies in the echelons of power. How easy was Shiri's death, killed by an invisible army: an army that cannot be seen and detected by a naked eye? Death is for the mortals and was meant for us poor Zimbabweans and never for the rich and looters of diamonds national revenues. Perrance Shiri is NOT death, can't die!

The question that comes to mind when this thug, criminal, murderer was declared a national hero today is, how much money did he loot? Where are his bank accounts, banks filled with US dollars looted from the national coffers? The diamond revenues belong to the people of Zimbabwe. We can celebrate his sudden death and we can tell ourselves we are rid of one of the thugs, one of the notorious criminals in the history of this nation after independence. However, the looted cash remains in the hands of foreign banks. Those billions of stolen monies will never be repatriated back to benefit the nation.

General Chiwenga is busy extending his life in China because he benefited from the loot comprising about 7 billion US dollars. It is a question of time he will be gone too leaving us 7 billion US dollars poor. The Chinese government will not allow revenues that entered its banks to be relocated back to Africa for whatever reasons. Zimbabwe is one of the many African countries who are recipient of financial assistance and development deals with China.

Perrance Shiri was one of the Zanu PF commanders who executed Gukurahundi atrocities in Matabeleland and Midlands. They killed, maimed, raped citizens who were defenceless. Is it time for Matabeleland to celebrate the murderer of Matabeleland Zapu? No. We celebrate the death of friends and relatives, but his death can be time to reflect and introspect. The peoples of Matabeleland can collectively reflect together with the people of Mashonaland. Let us find some common ground where we can converge and speak with one voice. We are all social, economic, and cultural casualties of Zanu PF rule. The peoples of Mashonaland are now smelling like goats, are devoured by Zanu PF just like the people of Matabeleland.

We should allow our minds and souls to be creative and ask pertinent questions was rape, killings, and maiming thousands of innocent peoples in Matabeleland worth it. Did the people of Mashonaland get their catharsis: an outlet through which the pain accumulated in the form of aggression can be released? Was purging the innocent people of Matabeleland region meant to reclaim their humanity? Did the use of cathartic violence allow individuals such as Perrance Shiri and Emmerson Mnangagwa reclaim their humanity? On the contrary, it exposed them of their thuggery and hard-core criminality. Absence of human dignity and sanctity of life punctuates the likes of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Perrance Shiri and all of them dead or alive.

Systemic violence of the magnitude of the Gukurahundi atrocities should never ever go unchallenged legally, politically, and otherwise. For generations, the genocidal purges of the early independence in Zimbabwe will continue to linger demanding answers and closure so that the nation can move on. Future generations should know that political power imbalances marginalize individuals and minority ethnic groups: it can never create a favourable ground for national healing and development. Since the inception of this great country Matabeleland has been side-lined and purposely neglected reproducing stigmatization and othering discourses of Mashona- Matabele inherent animosities and sadly this is the legacy we leave our future generations to deal with.

Perence Shiri is one of the architectures of the grand-plan and the execution of Gukurahundi genocide. He dies while he was serving as one of the powerful in the government of Zanu PF. His death means he has forfeited the International Tribunal in the Haig where criminals of his stature are tried for crimes against humanity. Those who were part of this grand plan should know that their names will forever be archived historically as criminals, murderers and thugs who never faced justice for whatever reason. The intentions and evident internal Zanu PF decisions to decimate the peoples of Matabeleland and Midlands left communities in Matabeleland and Midlands permanently suffering from marginalization, psychological trauma, maldevelopment and deprivation: all forms of social and economic development in Matabeleland and Midlands region.   
The death of Perrance Shiri should tell us that a culture of violence developed in this country. Violence and the politics of patronage is the order of the day in this country. Violence has become the natural state of Zanu PF rule and in the process coercing, senselessly killing innocent and dissenting voices.  We want to know where our son Itai Dzamara is. Mnangagwa knows where Itai Dzamara is. For Zanu PF to exist, it must deploy violence, it was and has been their modus operandi even before independence.  

Cameroonian Achille Mbembe summarises violence in Africa as follows: "it is a space of catastrophe, convulsion, disaster already happened or about to happen – of break-down instant terror." Mamdani characterizes the differentiation between the portray of Africa as a region of meaningless brutality and adequate criticism of illegitimate uses of violence by authorities. This is relevant for Zimbabwe. 31st of July is coming and we hope for the better because we deserve better.

To sing the death Shona song: "yave nyama yekugocha" is insulting. This song is sung by the Sahwiras at the passing on of their beloved ones. Air-Marshall Perrance Shiri is and will remain enemy of both Matabeleland and Mashonaland and this song is wholly not befitting, cannot be sung by many of us. One day the people of Zimbabwe will laugh at last.


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