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Ba Tea Calls It Quits Announcing Visions After Backlash Over Soul Jah Love

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19 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Ba Tea Calls It Quits Announcing Visions After Backlash Over Soul Jah Love

Ba Tea has announced that he will no longer announce what he would in the future as a time traveler after receiving a backlash from Facebook users over Soul Jah Love’s death.

Below is his post culled from his Facebook profile.

Setting the record straight By BaTea.

Kunyarara hakusi kupusa zvipo zvaMwari hazvipihwe kune zvituta I hope kuti macomments enyu akaita kuti murare makaguta.

Firstly I would like to Thank you all who have expressed how they feel about me and it’s not my position yekupikisana nemi nekuti maonero akatosiyana uye zvepanyama nezve pamweya zvakatosiyana. Some of you have used part of me to get more views on your portals, platforms and your followers have sad all they wanted but I took everything said as Blessings and may God bless you all.

I’m not on this World Wide Web to seek for fame nor for statuses nor for followers nor for views but as a Time Traveller I’ve never claimed to be a prophet or a pastor yet I’ve let all of you judge me. I just want to make it point blank clear kuti my message to Soul Jah Love had nothing to do with all of you but it was between me and him and our God. I believe kuti he did what needed to be done and that he is in a better place.

This post is thereby to notify you that everything that I will be shown, I will not speak about, be it about our Country or about it’s citizens or things that will become this 2021 and beyond. I will not be victimized for my gift that is God given. I don’t owe anyone anything and there’s nothing you can claim from me because all of you don’t know me and I don’t really have need to know you. All those things that will define nature and that will affect you chero ndikazviratidzwa ndikazviona it will come to pass ndakazvitarisa.

They’re things you will never change theres a time coming than none of you will never change. Kuronga ndekwa Mwari im not talking about money but reality that you will never see in your dreams.

Hapana munhu anorarama panyika nekusingapere because people do not have wisdom they lack knowledge.

May peace be with you all kutangira pano ndinenge ndiri kuma terrace nemi. Everyone deserves to be Happy and my wish for all of you is for you to be happy. We are living in hard times and I don’t want you kuti mubvisire depression yenyu nestress dzenyu pandiri BaTea. Handisi kuda kuti muite mbiri yekunzi munogona kutuka pandiri kana kuti munogona kutaura muma group using my name in vein.

Ive never benefited anything from all of you and trust me I’ve got nothing to lose.

May God Bless you All.





Ba Tea became famous after predicting the death of Ginimbi. He always accused people of ignoring his predictions because he is not as famous as reverred Prophets like Makandiwa


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