Beaten Up Soldier Says Handipere Zvekumhanya


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Beaten Up Soldier Says Handipere Zvekumhanya

I Am Not An Army Chaplain-Viral Soldier Assault Video Victim Speaks

The man who was recently assaulted by a soldier for allegedly cheating with the latter’s wife has dismissed rumors that he is a chaplain in the army.

Reward Chaterera has also dismissed rumors that he succumbed to the injuries he sustained due to the attack.

According to H-Metro, Chaterera was assaulted by a “gunman” only identified as Baba Lolo from Glen Norah in a video that went viral recently.
Chaterera told the publication that he is a civil servant and neither a church pastor nor chaplain as reported on social media.

Chaterera said he did not miss work over the incident and most of the reports circulating on social media about him were false.

“Unoziva ndirikumboseka zvangu ndichiverenga zvirikukandwa pa social media about the incident.
“I am alive and going to work, not reports circulating that I passed on due to injuries sustained.

“I am not a church pastor or chaplain, but a civilian and I want to believe words are powerful; one day I will be a church pastor.

According to Chaterera, the incident took place in Glen Norah.

The publication also reports that Chaterera denied commenting further after revealing that he will need permission from his superiors.

Chaterera is in the procurement department at Defence House and resides near Ardbennie in Mbare, which is almost 15 kilometres from the place where the incident occurred.
Chaterera never lodged a complaint with the police against Baba Lolo. He only lodged a report at Baba Lolo’s workplace, which he quickly withdrew.

Baba Lolo is a bus driver under the national army and was not punished for assaulting Chaterera since the latter withdrew the assault charges.

Efforts to get a comment from the “gunman” were futile. When the publication’s news crew visited his house, his co-tenant said Mai Lolo had travelled and the gunman had gone to work.

However, according to some neighbors, the gunman threw a party soon after the incident and it is alleged that he is no longer with Mai Lolo but he is now living with another woman.

In the viral video, Chaterera, dressed in a suit and a tie, was seen being dragged from a parked car where he was in the company of Mai Lolo and the two were forced to roll in mud and assaulted by Baba Lolo.


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