Friday, April 19

Energy Mutodi says Nelson Chamisa Is The Most Popular Politician In Zimbabwe Right Now

Goromonzi West Member of Parliament Energy Mutodi says CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is gaining popularity over ZANU PF because the ruling party is refusing to embrace young people.

Posting on Twitter, Mutodi said, "Nelson Chamisa is gaining popularity because the ZANU PF old guard is fighting its own young men & women. My passionate plea is for ZANU PF to embrace its young people, take in new ideas and remain in power beyond 2023."

His tweet irked ZANU PF Patriots who said Mutodi was speaking on his own behalf.

"It's a lie that Chamisa is gaining popularity.Vanhu ngavarege kuti zvavari ku feeler ndizvo zviri kuitika out there. Elections are coming in a few days time, that will be a better measure." ZANU PF Patriots responded.

Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin'ono said Mutodi's statements represented the views of young people in ZANU PF.
"It is important to understand that Energy is not speaking for himself. He is speaking on behalf of a young constituency in ZANU-PF that knows the reality on the ground. The top 8 in ZANU-PF represent the past, and they up against Chamisa whose group represents the future." Said Chin'ono.

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