Guhwa General Chiwenga New Chimoko Michelle Uncle Roland Ex


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Guhwa General Chiwenga New Chimoko Michelle Uncle Roland Ex

Rumoured VP Chiwenga’s new flame speaks out. Businesswoman and socialite Michelle Kawome has shrugged off whispers on social media streets that’s she’s now VP Chiwenga’s new flame saying she’s not going give haters the time of the day.

Michelle Kawome who also happens to be businessman Roland Muchegwa’s (Uncle Roland) ex-wife once grabbed the headlines after the latter bashed her within an inch of her life. The couple who have 2 kids ended their marriage in a messy divorce amid allegations of physical and emotional abuse. Although they are in good books now.

The socialite is now being named as the new woman in VP Chiwenga’s life after his marriage to former model Marry Mubaiwa.ended in a scandalous fashion which saw Mary facing a slew of criminal charges including attempting to murder VP Chiwenga.
However, she’s dusted off the rumours in a cryptic social media post. Said Kawome It is not everything you are accused of that you waste your time explaining. Allow people to solve their quadratic equations.

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Meet Roland Muchegwa’s ex-wife Michelle Kawome. The overnight celebrity business tycoon Roland Muchegwa had always a good taste in women before his overnight sensation celebrity status rocked him. From the word go he had good taste in women, it’s not only these South African slay queens that he had good choice on. His ex-wife shows that Uncle Roland’s eyes in good women are something natural to him. Meet his hot ex-wife Michelle Kawome in pictures below.
Michelle Kawome and Roland Muchegwa were married for 10 years and have two children. The
marriage was marked by bouts of violence. According to reports, Roland Muchegwa has multiple addresses (this is necessary when you are a fugitive).
However, it is believed that he frequents his home in Mount Pleasant, a residential suburb located in the northern part of Harare, a lot. Initially, it was believed that Roland Muchegwa is a father of two children, who he shares with his ex-wife, Kawome. However, As an estranged parent that pops expensive champagne with different women every time he is out.

partying, it’s alleged that Roland Muchegwa does not support his children financially This is the one thing everyone has been trying to figure out. What exactly does he do? Well, the details around his profession are sketchy. However, reports suggest that the 51-year-old is somehow involved in the illicit transporting and sale of fuel, from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe authorities have not, as far as we know, issued any notices on the matter related to
their case against Muchegwa. Also, the Twitter account that surfaced, claiming to be the 51-year-old, is a parody account. One of Zimbabwe's elite business women, Michelle Kawome held her 35th Birthday party where only her rich and wealthy friends were invited.

Amongst the people who were invited included her friends Zodwa Mkandla, Belinda Murawo, Chanic La Patrona, Chipo, Thandie Makuyana, Mai Mazvi, and Ndlovu Nobukhosi. The festivities took place in Nissaki, Greece. #Passportgang


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