Sunday, October 01

Melly Top Social Media Influencer & Business Woman Guest Speaker At Ladies Luncheon

Zimbabwe's most influencial social media personality Melly will be guest speaker at a ladies luncheon event hosted by Rue Divine Events. Over the last 2 years Melly has build a brand through her various social media groups from Fashion Police to the most popular Zimbabwe Facebook group Mvengemvenge.

Mvengemvenge has become so pupolar that thousands of Zimbabwean reach out to Melly and her hard working admins for advice to help to solve issues. Mvengenge has become so influencial that celebrities like Tete Tilder mention and thank Mvengerians who now making 70% of her viewership. PowerFM host Chamvary has now made it a must to thank Mvengerians who support her shows.

Top Celebrities like Peter Moyo, Aleck Macheso and many others are now getting message to their fans via Mellys group Mvengemvenge. Over the last year Mvengemvenge has become part of most Zimbabweans daily routine where people get updates of social & political events in Zimbabwe. To understand how powerful Mvengemvenge has become 1 out of every 10 Zimbabweans will know what you mean when you mention the word Mvengerian.

Its no wonder why Melly has become a brand musicians and event organisers want to partner with. The ladies Luncheon will be on October 12 2019 at the Orion Hotel Rustenburg, South Africa. Tickets for this even will be R100 (Including Meal) VIP tickets will be R200 (Including meal). Dress code for this event will be All White or White & Gold. The theme for this ladies lancheon will be  LADIES GROOMING & ETIQUETTE.


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