Wednesday, June 07

Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Zimbabwe Is Burning

Mr Lipstick’s nincompoopery, tomfoolery and buffoonery has earned him a Nama award for being the most intellectually bankrupt, incompetent, clueless, brutal impostor of our time.

The unprecedented events culminating to the removal of Robert Gabriel Mugabe gave Mr Lipstick a comparative advantage. Ironically , Mugabe’s longevity had become a liability for the Republic. Domestically and internationally, many were cognizant of the reality that Mnangagwa was satanic to the core . His history is punctuated with blood, torture of civilians. 

Be that as it may, citizens and the international community gave Mr Lipstick a chance  to redeem  himself . Many were prepared to bury the hatchet and everything was water under the bridge . They did it for the sake of the Republic. The international community asked for transparency, good governance and the protection of both juristic and natural persons rights as outlined by the constitution. Mr Lipstick had a golden opportunity to redeem himself. Undeservingly he was ushered the redemption opportunity on a silver platter. 

In lieu of being transparent and redeem himself; Mr Lipstick urinated on his opportunity. Consequently, the Republic is now economically, ecologically and intellectually bankrupt during his epoch . I never thought I would live to say Mugabe was evil but better than Mr Lipstick. The latter is evil and intellectually bankrupt, such a combination is cancerous, dangerous and pathological to the Republic’s development and democracy. 

Zimbabwe is burning !!

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