Popular Socialite Zuva Habane Q&A


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Popular Socialite Zuva Habane Q&A

I am sure those of you who follow social media have come accross Zuva Habane's lives on Facebook. The beatiful Zuva Habane is a true free spirit she is out spoken and tell it like it is. Zuva's lives range from day to day topics but she has a passion for giving advice to other on topics such as relationships and marriage. Zimbolivenews wanted to get to know Zuva Habane a little more and had a Q&A with her. To get to see more of Zuva Habane you can follow her on Facebook on this link 

Who are you?

I'm  Zuva Habane 

What make you so popular on social media?

My freedom of speech and calling a spade a spade

How long Have you Been in Diaspora?

12 years

What advise  would you give to the youth?

To never trade along the lines of "what will people say" 
When you are trying to follow  your passion
In think as long as its educative its alright.

What do you think about Zimdancehall?

And i think jah signal voice is phenomenal

Are you Married, Dating or Single? 

Been married  for past 13 years

Whats something you would like all your fans to know about you?

If  you are having problems in any kind of relationship call me .