Prophet Makandiwa Latest Warning On  Covid-19 Vaccines


18 Jan, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Prophet Makandiwa Latest Warning On Covid-19 Vaccines

Many prophets such as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome , Eubert Angel and Prophet Makandiwa among others have labeled Covid 19 as a debacle and a planned attack on humanity. They have constantly claimed that covid was created in order to introduce a vaccine which would push the whole world towards one order.


This is similar to what the bible explains in the book of Revelations about a one world order and the mark of the beast which will be forced on by the anti Christ. Prophet Makandiwa today gave more emphasis on this issue citing that the world is close now to one world order.

He highlighted that a cult leader who will be the overall president of the whole world is now emerging .No one is immune to the type of deception that is coming. Many people will give themselves willingly. The prophet reiterated that once a person has the vaccine nothing can be undone ,the organization that made this vaccine have already legally protected themselves against damages it will cause.

In the world, there is no country at this moment with enough knowledge to deal with what is coming. No one is able to verify especially in Africa, there is no nation that has the capacity to certify the accuracy and safety of the vaccine. All the politicians in Africa are being played, the prophet posed a very important question which states that why Africa should be the first to use it when it is the least affected. Is there a controlled environment where a five year old test subject can be carried out, how are we going to manipulate the process in terms of time. This vaccine is being rushed without proper and authentic tests.

It is going to be too late by the time people will realize that the vaccine is actually poisoned.  The prophet explained the whole process on how this vaccine will affect individuals. Covid 19 is going to continue even after taking vaccine, what they are trying to eradicate are two things namely the black man and the church. Why is science taking the risk of tempering around with the lives of people? The recovery rate has been confirmed to be over 85% so what is the reason of taking a risk of endangering everyone.

If Africa believes in local leadership then it has to rely on local production of goods and everything else. Why do we import everything else and then trust our own leadership. What is coming is more than everyone has ever imagined. Some critics have come out attacking those who speak against the vaccine he added, the argument here is why are we skeptical about this vaccine and not the other ones. The prophet added that all the vaccines we were given had side effects that is why Africa is poor .Our DNA has already been tempered with. Africans we do not think properly because of the previous vaccines he added.

It is very important at this moment to take heed of this warning do not take the vaccine he repeated. I have seen Africa becoming a desert ,open your eyes and see ,he concluded. Medical experts are not in charge of all the lockdowns ,but governments and technological people.


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