Saturday, December 02

Prophet Uebert Angel’s Degree In Question After Being Appointed Ambassador

Flamboyant religious leader Prophet Uebert Angel’s educational qualifications have come under the spotlight. The prophet’s degrees have come under immense scrutiny following his appointment on Wednesday as the Special Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large to the Americas and Europe.

Prophet Uebert Angel has been accused of having purchased fake degrees from some Diploma Mills in the United Kingdom.  His name reportedly appears on a list published by the United States Department of Justice which has 9,612 people who purchased fake degrees from diploma mills.

Diploma Mills, also called Degree Mills, are entities that charge money for a degree, certificate, or diploma while requiring little or no study. These institutions are not accredited by any established and recognized agency. Some masquerade as legitimate higher education institutions that award degrees to students, while others merely sell degrees for cash.

Speaking after he was sworn in on Wednesday, Prophet Angel said that people should not forget that he has two degrees. The charismatic religious leader and business person is reported to hold two university degrees in Business Finance from Salford University, UK and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Edinburgh (Napier) and 1 Post Graduate Degree in Education from the University of Bolton in the UK.

Following the allegations on social media, some people defended the Prophet and accused the people making the allegations of having an ulterior motive. Some insisted that Angel’s achievements in the religious and business world show that he has no need for fake degrees.

Below are some of the allegations and responses on social media.

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