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Seh Calaz Praises Passion Java In His Song With Shinsoman Tapera

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24 Nov, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Seh Calaz Praises Passion Java In His Song With Shinsoman Tapera

Seh Calaz and Shinsoman just released a song on Passion Java records in which both artists praise prophet passion Java. 
Last week Seh Calaz was in a war of words with Passion Java and he blasted ghetto yutes for praising Prophet Passion Java in thier songs. Which is something Seh Calaz does in the song Tapera . watch the video below.

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Seh Calaz Blasts Passion Java Says Anoshandisa Mushonga Kutorera Vanhu Lucky

If Passion Java thinks Zim dancehall star Seh Calaz will retreat or call for a truce anytime soon, he better think Calaz has confessed that he has all the strength to write diss tracks about Java everyday of his life and even release 6 albums for that. Following the feud between flamboyant prophet Passion Java and the Mabhanditi leader, it seems the war between the two might not come to an end anytime soon as they keep throwing dybamites at each other.

Calaz took to social media with some serious allegations against Java claiming he uses ‘black magic’ and takes advantage of other people’s luck.

“Ende iwe awuna mari… mukawona Java arikuma Capetown Kuma Dubai anenge achitenderera muma casino achitamba njunga. Anoto shandisa vanhu vanema lucky iye zita rake richisara riri clean,” said Calaz.
He added that Java exploited fast rising Zimdancehall singer uncle Epatan then dumped him off like a used useless tissue.
“Anoshandisa lucky revana kufamba achitenderera. Ndobasa rake iroro. Mfana Uncle Epatan wakamuita sei? Paanenge achitenderera nevapfana ipapo anenge achimushandisa achitora lucky rake,” he said.

The ‘Asvotwa’ hitmaker went on to say Java’s money was attained through ‘mushonga’.

“Ndosaka mari yako isinga shande, ndosaka usinga kwanise kutenga imba. Ndosaka usina mota inonzi yako mu Zimbabwe unongokswika kuno uchi hire hire mota uchirara muma lodge because mari yako ndeyemushonga.

“Ndosaka usingakwanise kupa hama dzako mari because mari yako ndeyemushonga. Unozviti millionaire but awuna kana ka Honda fit kekuti rega ndimbo tenderera ndasvika ku Harare,” Calaz said.

Calaz who was Soul Jah Love’s biggest competition in Zimdancehall went on to question Java’s relationship with late dancehall maestro.
He claimed Java did not have a good relationship with Soul Jah love so he should stop using his name for fame.

“Siyana na Sauro, Sauro awumuzive ndosaka chero pa video ra Simudza Gumbo akangoita one take ndobva aramwa akabuda.


“Zvimwe vanga vakungo wedzera wedzera. Chero mukano tarisa video uchaona. Mozvibvundza kuti anga aramwei,” said Calaz.

Java who has posthumously released Soul Jah Love’s song, Nzwisiso under his record label, Passion Java Records was quick to respond saying Calaz should swallow his pride and ask him to be his songwriter.

“Onesai uyo kuti arire anouya kupi, four albums here? I can even write for him,” Java captioned the video as he vibed to Nzwisiso.

The beef between the two began after Java commented on Calaz’s latest album which was his third one for the year saying it’s a sign of losing his stamina as a singer.


Seh Calaz also responded with threats to Java


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