Shameful Doves & Nyaradzo System Of Fighting Over Celebrity  Corpses


20 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Shameful Doves & Nyaradzo System Of Fighting Over Celebrity Corpses

Zimbabwe's two leading funeral Parlours are shamelessly at it again. Doves and Nyaradzo have both gained  notoriety for fighting over celebrities' corpses! They did it at the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi's funeral, Nyaradzo literally refused with the body. Nyaradzo won. The same war exploded at former president Robert Mugabe's funeral and doves won. With the late "Mbinga" Ginimbi another war exploded with Nyaradzo having first handled the body, they were forced to conceed defeat and handed over the body to their bitter rival Doves. Doves won. 

Nyaradzo doves
Now it's SoulJah Love's corpse turn to be at the center of the bitter and frankly disgusting and shameless war.

On the very day Sauro was said to had died Nyaradzo is said to have approached the family and offered to handle the funeral for free. The body was initially handled by Doves and as of this morning after the postmortem the body has been handed over to Nyaradzo they will handle the process. Nyaradzo has "won" 

The question that immediately comes is do policies not work anymore? Or are  we saying all these people are dying without policies and they're bodies "free for all?". 

What is shameless is that these corporates want to benefit from the popularity of these people when they are not doing anything for these people in life. Especially our music artists who are in desperate need of corporate support. It's immoral for these 2ltwo companies to fight over the fame that comes with burying an popular figure when they never contribute to the popularity. SoulJah Love was diabetic and how amazing it would have been to hear that Nyaradzo or any other funeral corporate has donated towards his medication. What good is a free funeral to Souro?

Shame on you both Nyaradzo and Doves!


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