Wednesday, May 18

Temba Mliswa Says Mutsvangwa Wants To Be President & Appoint Wife Vice President

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has alleged that ZANU PF Spokesperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa is plotting to become the President of the country and entrench his wife as the Vice President. 

Speaking during a wide-ranging interview with journalist Lance Guma on Thursday, Mliswa said, "Chris Mutsvangwa is a power-hungry person who is plotting to become the President of the country. His plan is that he gets the current Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga removed and get himself enthroned. 

He also wants the Chairman Oppah Muchinguri removed from her position and her wife to step into her shoes so that she becomes the most powerful woman in Manicaland. This will allow him to make sure that when he takes over after the current President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) he appoints his wife as his deputy and then when he leaves power, his wife will succeed him."

Mliswa added that Mutsvangwa has been approaching Army Commanders to sell his plan. 

"Mutsvangwa approached the late General (Edzai) Chimonyo because he comes from Manicaland and told him of his plan to unseat Chiwenga. He did not know that the General was recording him and I have evidence. 

"Chris is a powerless person who serves at the mercy of the President because the President likes him. When the President was Minister of State Security he assigned Chris to some post and when he became President he made him Special advisor. Now they are running the party and state propaganda with his wife."

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