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The List Of Women Visa BAE Moto Mubrugwa Tytan Has Dated & Cheated On

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15 Feb, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

The List Of Women Visa BAE Moto Mubrugwa Tytan Has Dated & Cheated On

Tytan is a sneaky and very cunning character he acts innocent and as soft as wool in public. To the women in this list Tytan is what's know as a bhubhu he is someone asi Gabe mum's drezzi. During the time he was dating these women he was cheating on each one of them. 
Many of these women suffered in silence. A few of them were strong enough to expose Tytans cheating ways. Ru Apswoude , Tallyn Ndudzo and Olinda Chapel are the few who exposed Tytan. Tytan has mastered the act of playing the victim during each accusation he denied dating these women and pretended nothing happened yet all these women has photos and text from Tytan.

Tytan might have been known as Stunner’s friend who betrayed him by using the same song they did together to take his ex wife breaking the boy cord but he is known for a number of relationship scandals.

Below is a list of women he betrayed and cheated on 

Cynthia Mare

After her hit song Zuva Rimwe she became a household name in Zimbabwe and was seen hanging out with Tytan everything claiming it was a manager/client relationship.A number of rumours circulated of how he stole from her before cheating on her with her sister.Olinda just confirmed this on Zimbolivenews tv.Its also said he was keeping her for a british visa.

Ammara Brown

She was known as Cynthia Mare and Adionah Maboreke’s(Munya Chidzonga’s wife) friend since the Idols days back in 2008.However after doing their hit song Mukoko thats when her friendship with Cynthia ended publicly making people speculate a relationship because she had just left Roki.

Rue Apswode

Known as the Yatcht Lawyer formerly married to an Austrialian millionaire , she claimed she was supporting Tytan financially and that he wanted to use her for a visa.She is the one who warned Olinda many times but she did not listen.

Farie Suegar

She was seen on Rue’s posts writing about how she was in a relationship with Tytan the same time he was in many affairs with different women.However Tytan has never responded to this relationship like he did to some

Tadzo Tallyn

She is known for her raunchy videos naked on facebook but is now married to urban grooves artist Nox but once exposed Tytan for cheating Olinda with her and trying to use her for a visa.

However a number of women dated Tytan with some claiming him as babydad using ghost accounts.



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