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Tytan Cheated On  Olinda With Model On His Penge Video Monalisa

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14 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Tytan Cheated On Olinda With Model On His Penge Video Monalisa

A can of worms has been opened following the nasty break up of Tytan and Olinda.Reports are Tytan used to bed the girl he shot the video of Penge with. The model identified as Monalisa is at the center of the controversy. During the time Tytan was married to Olinda is was reported yairamba kumira and zvinhu were not ok between Olinda and Tytan.

During the Penge video shoot Tytan was arroused by Monalisa after her saw her in lingerie and Ikamira , Olinda saw this and refused to pay monalisa. Look like now she is breaking her silence about her relationship with Tytan.

The girl is identified as Monalisa or 1njuzu, she went on Olinda’s comment section to bemoan what she went through after Tytan left her. 

“It’s very painful what you are going through, I knew the moment he left me for you. “I knew he was after something from you hazvipere mushe,” posted Monalisa. Olinda has not yet jumped into the conversation and Tytan has remained silent after being exposed. Could Tytan be working on another clap back video with his lawyer?


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