Thursday, July 18

Zvashata Veduwe Gidza Murume Wa Cat Mother Ariku Repotwa Bank Rake Halifax Uk And Police Kuti Rivharwe Money Laundering Hayaaa

Again and again!

Chikiti is a disgrace to Society and community. She is living on other people’s sweat. Busy pushing muma group hanzi kanda kandai chero $1 inobatsira yet Chikiti is posting saying handidi rubatsiro.






Ko Gidza akatotora vana vese kwaakambo mitisa. Mwana wa Gidza Pipi ne Mukoma mukuru vana vake vese vaakasosiya in Zimbabwe before going ku UK. Imagine he had the guts to bring these children kwa Chikiti to stay there.







People are sponsoring Chikiti to look after Gidza ne vana vake 2 vari over 18 plus vake iye Chikiti.

How can people be so foolish to financing 2 fools who are too lazy to work. You are stuck in a cult. Chikiti did not mince her words. She clearly mentioned on her live kuti Cat family is a movement (that’s a confirmation it is a cult being driven by evil spirits). How can Diaspora nurses and care workers donate thousands to a cult and not realise they are under a spell. I pray God will open everyone’s eyes and remove them from this bad cult. Go and listen to Tete Mildred’s last few lives. She confirmed she was driven by this cult until she parted with £30k. As donors You are busy feeding 2 families ya Gidza








neya Chikiti. Why can’t Gidza go back and work as a care worker in UK? He is a citizen but people busy putting their hard earned money into Gidza’s Halifax account in UK. Some of the money is paying for his children’s maintenance. Remember he has 9 children with 7 baby mamas. Shame on you ladies sponsoring mudhara uyu, wake up and smell the coffee.

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