Monday, June 24

Zvinorwadza Izvi Anesu Chikodzero 6 Year Old Ouraiwa Pachikoro Nesimbi Achibva Afaa

BARING Primary School was plunged into mourning on Tuesday after its Early Childhood Development (ECD) B learner — Anesu Jacob Chikodzore (6) — was accidentally hit by a steel handball pole on the head and died on arrival at a hospitaThe child died after being hit by a handball pole at Baring Primary School sports grounds in Mutare. The child was in ECD B. When we attended the scene, we gathered that the children were playing in the school grounds at 10.30am when the incident happened.







“The other children then rushed to inform their class teacher who was identified as Ephitinia Manengwa, and by the time the teacher arrived at the sports fields, the child was bleeding from both the mouth and nose while still trapped under the pole. The boy died as he was being attended to at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital,” he said.The incident was largely blamed on negligence as the handball pole in question was ideally supposed to have been stacked away in a safe place immediately after use.

The movable handball poles are only welded to a haulage truck tyre rim.







Anesu breathed his last on arrival at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital where he had been rushed for treatment.

Acting Manicaland Provincial Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the tragedy that happened as children were playing in the school grounds during break time.

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