Saturday, June 25

Open letter Open Letter To The Head Borrowdale Primary Mr Chiseko

I write this letter to you, you publicly attacked me for why I questioned you on why there are no systems and why you are refuse systems to be implemented at the school.
I have been a borrowdale parent  for almost 15 years and I have watched the school crumble and deteriorate . 

As A parent I got worried,  after we tried doing a stock take I personally saw some anomalies,when I asked i was  only furnished with documents that did not match up with what had been stated before .
I pay levies and it is the duty of the school to provide detailed information on how finances are used

And when equipment is purchased it is GOVERMENT POLICY that proper RECORDS are kept of such .

when these anomalies  came to light u then quickly went to fill in the empty gaps 
Dear Sir, it has happened not once, that if a parent approaches you for Clarity you then try intimidate them. We had issues where in your own words said ‘you refused to give a sibling of one student a place because a parent had questioned your methods ‘and you made the parent to give a public apology so their child could get a place  .I told you that was wrong. We had another parent who asked about qualifications of the Computer Teacher , which upto day are still not presented ,we need our children to be in the hands of competent tutors again you had them give an apology.

After  doing a follow up ,the said Computer Teacher is your daughter and you refused to present her qualifications

Sir is this how Headmasters are supposed to do ?
I noted that the school has not had an Inventory list Since 2015 
And We spend plus or minus USD$2000 Usd equivalent for Auditors to present what ???? 
And every year you push for levies to be increased and no proper records are kept .  
Forensic Audit had been requested before you refused 
Hopefully this time it will be done 


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