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1Njuzu & Hell Commander Respond To Olinda Chapel Hanzi Mu League Redu

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15 Apr, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

1Njuzu & Hell Commander Respond To Olinda Chapel Hanzi Mu League Redu

1Njuzu and The Hell Commander are at war with Business woman Olinda Chapel over comments she made about them. 1Njuzu and the hell Commander were on Instagram live and addressed the issue with Olinda Chapel in the video below.

The Hell Commander told his followers that Olinda Chapel was not in his and 1Njuzu league and that Olinda needed to go to Mars were Dinosaurs and Mamoths are. 

There is definitely bad blood between 1Njuzu , Hell Commander and Olinda Chapel.

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Socialite Njuzu: I’m happy you all have seen my N#DES now you know what Hell Commander comes to bed for. Njuzu seems to be not bothered at all with all the drama and chaos going on right now on social media due to her leaked n@ked videos where she is being seen playing with her private parts.

According to her, she is not bothered that much, in fact she says she is a little bit happy that people have seen what she carries and how wonderfully made she is. On top of that, she says she is happy that the world now knows what her current boyfriend Hell Commander which she snatched from Ginimbi Manager MsShally.

Asked if she was the one who had leaked the videos, she declined that saying she is not the one. She revealed that the pictures were leaked by her ex-boyfriend from 2 years ago. Check the post she wrote on her Instagram Story timeline as she commented on the issue

Socialite Njuzu s.e.xtape leaked: Video. Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu popularly known as 1Njuzu on her social media accounts is a Zimbabwean socialite, commercial and promotional model based in South Africa.

1Njuzu who went viral some 3 weeks ago after having a romantic weekend getaway with then MsShally’s boyfriend Hell Commander is currently in a bit of a situation after her se.x.tape was leaked.

Following the apology that saw ‘hell commander’ gifting Ms Shally a brand new Range Rover, we all thought the drama would be over as this would’ve come as a convincing gesture that hell commander truly cares more for MsShally than Njuzu.

While Njuzu has been blasted on social media for broadcasting her thigh vending skills. Now she is back with a video of playing with herself. The video has gone viral on social media and has left many shocked. Check her video below


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