Sunday, May 26

Ba Tea Who Predicted Ginimbi’s Death Did The Same With Soul Jah Love!

A self-proclaimed ‘Time Traveller’ Ba Tea has come out claiming in his social media groups how he predicted the death of Soul Jah Love just as he did with Ginimbi 

In a series of letters ‘written’ to the fallen celebrity Ba Tea reveals how he finally met Soul Jah Love and they had a “good chat” where the singer “poured his heart out”.

The ‘Time Traveller’ also claims he tried to get hold of him but could not get through. He said.

Tic Toc Tic. I loved you Soul Jah Love and after writting all the letter to you I finally met you and told you the message. We really had a good chat. The day I saw you as I travelled in time is the day I phone you and you urgently told me to come over. I came running and you poured your heart and I felt you. Today in the afternoon I tried to get hold of you but I couldn’t get hold of you.Rest in Peace Mhofu BaTea will always have you in his heart.


In one of his letters before meeting with the star, Ba Tea warns him of the dangers of not getting along with people and drug abuse highlighting how himself was an addict but changed. “Uchifunga uri chibaba chenyuchi, uchifunga kuti hupenyu huchi uchishainira vanhu varikudya maputi”, he wrote.

Soul Jah Love was popularly known as Chibaba and Ba Tea also predicted Soul Jah Love would not reach the month of March.


“Mumwe murume haasi kuzosvika March rufu runenge rwamuita party…”, Ba Tea writes.

“Macelebrity anofunga kuti anopisa akawanda one by one akuda kutanga kuita fall”, reads part of another letter.


Ba Tea rose to fame when he predicted the death of Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi last November.

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