Sunday, May 26

Businessman Mukuru Mu Harare Osungwa Mushure Mekunge A Catcher Huree Ndokutadza Kubhadhara Akumutyisidzira Nepfuti

man from Masvingo was recently arraigned before the Masvingo Magistrates’ Court facing two counts of contravening the Firearms Act after he pointed a firearm at a sex worker.

The accused, Tafadzwa Magombedze, faced two counts, namely; pointing a firearm, and knowingly and without lawful cause discharging a firearm in or upon a public place.






Prosecutors allege that on 9 May 2024, Magombedze engaged the services of the complainant, a commercial sex worker. Said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA):dispute arose between the two when the accused person refused to pay for the complainant’s services. He alleged that she had stolen his money. He drew out a pistol which he pointed at the complainant before firing a warning shot.







A report was made to the Police leading to the accused person’s arrest. The Police searched the accused person and found him in possession of a Star Pistol, four live rounds of ammunition and

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