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DJ Towers Under Fire Over Disrespecting Ginimbi

Famed beggar, DJ Towers has received massive backlash for his utterances on the late socialite and flamboyant businessman, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure.

Towers was recorded in a live Instagram broadcast blasting the late businessman saying his recklessness led to his death.


He went on to allege that Ginimbi was driving high on hard when he was involved in an accident that claimed his life together with three other friends.

As If this was not enough, Towers exclaimed that he regrets meeting Ginimbi before his new blesser Passion Java.

His utterances would come as a surprise to most Zimbabweans who witnessed Towers swearing loyalty to Ginimbi when he was still alive.

Reacting to the development, Ginimbi’s former manager, Ms Shally has penned an open letter to Towers writing;

Loyalty is associated with self-respect. Ginimbi was loved by many and also hated by many, he was aware of that and accepted it and continued being himself.

He inspired many, never underestimate a young boy who used to sell tomatoes with no one to pave the way for him but he created an empire which those who grew in comfort still can’t match his achievements. His level of success cannot be reached by one with a trace of reckless behaviour.

His name appears in most people’s story to success. Those he helped he did out of his good heart and did not expect anything in return. The only time he expected something in return was the fruits of his extraordinary business ideas and hard work.

Should we now call God’s time to depart the earth negligence? Is our generation so ignorant to not understand the definition of defamation of character and the impact it may have on those that were left behind.

I represented Ginimbi when he was alive so I shall continue even in his absence

DJ Towers Under Fire Over Ginimbi Sentiments

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