Friday, April 19

El Gringo Press Statement On Instagram Live That Addressed Wealth Distribution In Zimbabwe

Youth Leader El Gringo did an Instagram Live which has been trending on soicial Media, The live was an raw and honest analysis of the unfair distributuion of wealth amoung the elite and politically connected people in Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans were made aware of how the counties resources are being shared and enjoyed by few elite individuals. Below are some of the points which El Gringo Addressed

The last night LIVE that was conducted at 22:00, cover the following key points:

  • wealth distribution…mari ngaitenderere to all society despite being the rich or poor everyone should benefit from the country wealthy rather than only few individuals (5%) benefit and (95%) can’t benefit from that.
  • The appreciation of the works and development being done by the new dispensation for example the development of the masvingo road etc.•
  • Tenders should be diversely sheared amongst the Zimbabwean people rather than tenders benefit the rich and the poor die with their ideas and creativity.•
  • Empowerment of the young people for their are the tomorrow Zimbabwe, the empowerment not in form money NO but opportunities to showcase their abilities and find a sense of commitment to something this minimize the increase rate of the drug house and other illegal things being done by the young people.
  • Girl child empowerment and restoration of their value, let’s support them rather than sexualizing them

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