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Evidence Chihera Exposes Mai TT For Telling Lies That She Had Souljah Love Beat Up In SA

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21 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Evidence Chihera Exposes Mai TT For Telling Lies That She Had Souljah Love Beat Up In SA

Evidence Chihera posted a video exposing Mai TT for making false statements that she had Souljah Love beat up when he did not show up for a show. Chihera believes Mai TT is using Souljah Loves name to make people hate Chaihera because she has a large following. Watch the video below as Evidence shares her story. 

Evidence Chihera went as far as telling Mai TT to give her the $500 she is offering people to give her her address. Evidence told Mai TT that she would meet her up any place and anytime and that she was not scared to be killed or get beat up.

Dangerous Move Mai TT Offers $500 Reward For Information On Evidence Chihera's House

Amai TT is taking her beef with Evidence Chihera to another level. Mai TT is now offering a $500 USD reward to anyone who will show her were Chihera leaves. Amai TT is now playing a dangerous games becaouse if anything happenes to Chihera Mai TT will be held responsible. Mai TT has a history of sending people to attack her enemies like what happened with Kristle Smasher a few months ago. Watch the video below as Amai TT Offers $500 USD to catch Chihera.

Evidence Chihera Responds To Amai TT Dont Use Sauro's Death For Hondo Dzedu Hasha Dzekurwamba Na Obina

Evidence Chihera is responding to Mai TT for her atack on her over an incident that happened months ago. Amai TT has threatened Evidence and offred $500 USD to anyone who can gicve her Evidences address . Evidence believes Amai TT is using Sauros death to get even with her and that Amai TT is just frustrated because Obina Dumped her. 

V11 Of Mai TT Hiring Mhondi Kunoponda Kristle Moyo Smasher Mai Deco

Mai TT can be heard on a phone call with a hired thug to go and beatup and harm Kristle Smasher aka Mai Deco. Reports are that Mai TT has been arrested on charghes on trying to harm Kristie Smasher. 

CONTROVERSIAL comedienne Felistas Murata also known as Mai TT was given a stern warning by the court on Wednesday over posting the contents of  her case with former friend Kristle Smasher.


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