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Gambakwe Asks If Ms Shally Dating Akon

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05 Nov, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Gambakwe Asks If Ms Shally Dating Akon

Thousands of Zimbabweans and other Africans have been questioning Zimbabwean entrepreneur Ms Shally whether is she dating Akon the Musician.

This comes after the former manager of Ginimbi, Ms Shally posted an old pic with Akon.

The picture trended today with thousands suspecting that Ms Shally is dating the “Be with You” hitmaker.

However, Ms Shally denied the allegations as she confirmed that she is a friend of Akon.

Akon is a singer who is set to build Akon city in his home country, Senegal


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Akon hasn’t even built his first ‘futuristic’ city yet, but Uganda is giving him land for a second

R&B artist Akon has yet to come anywhere close to realizing his ambitious vision for  powered by a cryptocurrency called “Akoin” and built on land given to him by the Senegalese government.

But that isn’t stopping the “Smack That” singer from making plans to build a second Akon City — this time in Uganda.

The East African nation has agreed to identify “a place suitable in Uganda that has not less than one square mile, which will be made available to him and his team,” Isaac Musumba, Uganda’s minister for urban development, said at a Monday. Akon will be in charge of attracting investment and managing the project, and will consult with the Ugandan government to come up with a theme for the “satellite city.”

“We would like to emulate what has been done elsewhere for us to have an Akon City here,” Musumba said, A Missouri native whose family hails from Senegal, Akon, 47, has spoken expansively about his desire to create a real-life version of Wakanda, the futuristic African kingdom portrayed in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

His for the first Akon City involves building luxury condominiums, a seaside resort, office parks and even a university in tubular, seemingly gravity-defying skyscrapers that resemble molten metal. Intended as an upscale destination for Black Americans, Akon City will be solar-powered and environmentally friendly, he has said. Residents and visitors will be able to make purchases with Akoin, which he envisions as a global currency.

The singer’s splashy designs for what is now a farming village on Senegal’s coast have met with some skepticism. Locals that the metal and glass structures — which Akon says are intended to “look like real African sculptures that they make in the villages” — are ill-suited to the sweltering climate. Others note that despite Akon’s stated goal of using local craftsmen and materials, he’s tapped an Abu Dhabi-based architect and an American developer to build the city. (Akon  that he didn’t want to “overthink” the project.)


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