Saturday, June 25

Hopewell Chin’ono Opfekedza Mudiwa Hood Matendafutu -You Donate To The Poor With Looted Money From ZanuPF Tikwanire

Mudiwa Hood posted this tweet to me saying he has an impact on Zimbabweans.
Below was my response to him.

There was a drug dealer called Pablo Escobar @mudiwahood

He impacted people’s lives in 2 ways, turning people into drug junkies whilst making millions, and giving others trinkets.

Impact happens in 2 ways, buying beef for folks, and supporting a regime that impoverished them.

In Jamaica there was a drug dealer called Christopher “Dudus” Coke.
He made millions turning people into junkies & mules.
Then donated some of his loot to communities

Normal people can’t applaud your impact when at the same time you are supporting a regime that made them poor.

Both Dudus and Escobar impacted people who were ready to die for them.

But critical thinking requires us to go beyond the donations and ask why these people found themselves in poverty that required drug dealers to help them

Why are Zimbabweans you impacted poor?

I am not suggesting that you are a drug dealer Mudiwa Hood.

I am saying that the people you claim to have helped are victims of a regime that you support and now work for.

They are victims of the looting of public funds, otherwise they wouldn’t need your assistance as it were.

Progressive Zimbabweans would not support that kind of impact, they would rather we fix what is wrong with our politics resulting in them living in economic penury and being victims of donations pornography.

Positive Impact comes in creating a fair society for all citizens!


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