Monday, June 24

Hurumende Yoti 32 000 Dzimba Dzichapazwa Kuchitungwiza Hupenyu Mutoro

Zimbabweean government I enemy of progress shuwaIs it a crime to be Zimbabwe an....The earth moving equipment will be out soon to destroy the houses but they are never available to fix the roads in Chitown.








This country is cursed.Yeah, it's critical but council which was taking bribes and regulate those people should be really accountable and such culprits who are then chiefly responsible for many people's losses should face the rath of the law. As a concerned citizen of Zimbabwe, Harare council and chitown council need to be reordered and any person beyond such houses should be







heavily charged. However, we hope and believe that the scrutiny will not end up in destruction of properties, but in alignment to the regulation and policies of the land.pachi town vnhu onaiwo dzimwe dzimba yatova hazard kuvaridz esp st marys nepazengeza 1 apo ,kokungorenovator imba yko mnhu

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