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Huya Utore Juzi Rako  Hitmaker  Kae Chaps

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13 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Huya Utore Juzi Rako Hitmaker Kae Chaps


Sing reality sing your heart who knows that could be your lucky break. Heartbroken and what did that do for Kudakwashe Chapepa aka KAE CHAPS.born on Independence Day 1996. These Independence Day kids are doing wonders like MARK MGWAZI. The lockdown has made most of us go on social media more just sit and browse through oooh and this weekend of love what most of us will be singing is JUZI. 
Kae Chaps Juzi Rako

Kuda did not cry in bed about the heartbreak but he went into the studio and sang his heart out. they say heartbreaks can unleash different things in a person and for Kuda it unleashed a hit.

He has done work with Quonfuzed, Tytan wa Olinda Chapel and R Peels. And he released his 12-track album in NOV 2020 entitled Vanga.

The Juzi song Zimbabweans have gone crazy Jah PRAYZAH even twitted about the song.

I guess a lot of people where dying inside and they wanted closure. Kuda has brought of closure and for the shy among us they can just send this song for valentines and hit closure

Kuda has had a lot of overwhelming responses to his song JUZI from men and especially the ladies hahaha lots of valentine presents coming his way as he has captured the hart of many Zimbabweans young and old. Who will definitelyhelp him nurse his heart break this month of love?

Kae Chaps

I recommend you go online listen to his songs I have to give it to him he is good. They say heartbreak will define you chose what do with it .

It’s the month of love asi vanhu ngavauye vatore ma JUZI AVO


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