Sunday, October 01

Madam Boss Endorses Pokello's New Shop

Madam Boss who can be seen holding a Pokello Nare gift bag compliments the Queen os Swaggers new shop and services stating the she felt lifted. Ayando ma shops atinoda anonyatsofadza.
While congratulating Pokellos recent achievements, Madam Boss through her acting skills expressed her joy and excitement. "I am so happy for you sister and i feel lifted. The queen of Swagger recently opened a new shop in Borrowdale.

Pokello Nare opens new shop at Borrowdale after buying new Range Rover. This follows after she imported a new Range Rover a few days leaving fans curious on who bankrolled the luxurious car. Rumour has it Mnangagwa’s son is the one who bought Pokello the 2020 Range Rover. Online publication Zimlive has reported that Pokello Nare, step-daughter of Ignatius Chombo, has been bought a 2020 Range Rover by boyfriend Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior in South Africa.

Just a few days ago she was trending after a video of her buying clothes at a Chinese Flea Market in China went viral. During

the course of the year so much happened to her. But she always finds a way to make it work and come back on top of the situation all the time. Now she is celebrating her hard-working efforts as she spoilt herself with a brand new 2020 Range Rover.v

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