Sunday, May 26

Madamboss na Mhofela Voti Pane Munhu Arikuda Kutiuraya Arikutumira Vanhu Kutitevera Takapazirwa Motor Tanotenga Hembe Dzemwana

MADAM Boss’ husband, Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa, suspects the celebrity couple is being stalked by some unknown people. Mhofela, as Ngoni is fondly known in social media streets, said this after his wife was robbed in yet another case of “smash-and-grab” while doing a school run yesterday. The comedienne’s Range Rover was damaged while her Samsung cellphone handset was taken by the thieves. “Ndapwanyirwa mota yangu this morning. Beware of thieves guys, don’t leave your valuables in your car. Hope it’s not what I am thinking vavengi vacho vawanda.






“Am discovering kuti ndabirwa my Samsung futi,” read  Madam Boss’ post on social media. Her husband Ngoni told H-Metro that his wife was safe despite losing her mobile phone during the scuffle. “She was targeted by thieves around 7am in Ashbrittle when she was doing school errands and the thugs damaged her car. “We don’t know whether there are people who have been stalking her or us, but that is the least of our worries because haters will always be there. “We give thanks to the Almighty as Madam Boss is safe and sound as we speak,” he said. Mhofela told H-Metro that they will be on high alert each time they are driving along busy roads.






“This is not the first time that Madam Boss has been targeted by thieves and we are certain now that haters are stalking us. “We only find comfort in the Lord who protects us all the time. It’s not by design that we are safe but God is the one who protects us,” he added. Cases of “smash-and-grab’ are common at traffic-controlled intersections in the city centre where thugs target mainly female drivers. Similar cases are also prevalent at busy shopping malls where motorists leave their cars parked for hours.

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