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Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa Wedding Venue In Cape Town

Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa will have their wedding in CapeTown South Africa on Saturday 19th of March. Mai TT and her kids flew to South Africa over the weekend to get ready for the weekend. Tinashe Maphosa also flew to South Africa over the weekend to join his wife. 

The couple has promised a wedding for all ages and promised noone would be talking about the Nigerian Green wedding anymore. Queen Tatelicious posted the following information about the wedding.

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Tinashe Maphosa & Mai TT Guarantee Wedding Bigger & Better Than Nigerian Green Wedding On March 19
Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa have promised a wedding of all ages something never seen in Zimbabwe & South Africa. One of the bridemaidsin the wedding who does not want her identity revealed told us that the couple has a huge suprise in store and people will be talking about this wedding for years. 
Mai TT is set to perform, sing a few songs at the wedding and will wear three outfits during the wedding ceremony and receiption. The wedding attire was bought in Turkey and USA. The insider told us that the wedding is by invite only and no gate crushers will be allowed. Mai TT kids will be bridesmaids and TT is set to be the flower girl.

Tinashe Maphosa will have 3  or 4 members of his family attend the wedding. Tinashe only had 1 family member who attended the harare. The wedding colors will be gold ,white and blue.

Nayawe Nyika inyare,the wedding is almost there pakusimuka twumhepo.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Someone go and sona muroma waFelistas because we wanna see hedu muchato paweekend.

Tinashe saw missed call yaShepherd pa phone yaKamuchacha and hell broke loose.
You know Tinashe ane chinya pahuma.
Felistas started defending the missed phone call and Tinashe threatened to cancel the wedding and go back to America.
Hakuna kumira mushe Kappa.
Iyewo Shepherd anenge satani kufonera ex girlfriend ave mukadzi wemunhu.
I don’t trust Mai TT maybe kari kudouble krossa.

Dzingatadze sei kusimuka mhepo
Tinashe paid air ticket raFelky and her kids and maid wake Wasu.
Tinashe akaramba kubhadharira hama dzake transport from Zimbabwe to come for the wedding .
So imajine kuti hama dzaTinashe dzikufungei???

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