Thursday, December 01

Mai TT Vakatsotsonya Nekutswibida $30,000 Yema Round - Analysis

Mai TT is lying , logically her story does not make sense. How can someone steal $30,000 USD cash and you wait 4 months to talk about it.

Mai TT vakafumura Tinashe nyaya dze Gwembe and kumama 20 times a day, but never said one word about $30k. Mai TT the truth is vakadya $30k yema Round and she cannot pay so Tinashe Maphosa is her way out. Mai TT is playing victim while lying becoz she has lost all her court cases to get money from Tinashe. 
Everyone in Zimbabwe knew about Tinashe's past and lifestyle that he did not have money and akanyenga every woman on Facebook from Zimbabwe. Mai TT is a victim of social media pressure and fake life. Mai TT pretends to be a very successful and wealthy person yet in real life she is just an Ordinary person. 
Team Rema Rounds has 2 options now, 1 to accept Mai TT's lie that Tinashe stole their money and take the loss. Option 2 is for team maRound to make Mai TT accountable and demand she pay Bach thier money, the longer they listen to her lies they will lose everything 

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