Wednesday, May 18

Mai TT Vopinda Busy Mushure Mekutuka Makeup Artist Deliwe - Vofonerwa Nezvipoko Pakati Pehusiku

Mai TT is in trouble for blasting celebrity makeup Artist Deliwe. Mai TT posted on her social media that she has received phone calls from unknown people blasting her. see her post below.

I’m awake because of this Unknown caller calling kundishaudhira nhau yemakeup saying all kinds of staff. Matotadzaka kurara madii mangouya pamba?

Why Wasu didn’t do my Makeup??

Wasu has got bills to pay besides being around me all the time , he has got rent to pay too. The money I was going to pay him is little compared to the money he made on my wedding day , he literally did a lot of people who attended my wedding and made money.

4am angaato nelineup yevanhu.He was nowhere near me that day he was extremely busy.

I can’t be selfish to always keep him by my side , besides what I provide fr him he has to make more .

Me begging You to do my makeup? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚you had to beg me to bring back the money I sent to you wani if you really didn’t want why didn’t didn’t you just keep quiet when I sent my PA to collect the Deposit I gave you ???

What was the reason for you to call me if you were not interested in doing my makeup???

If you were sending people my picture in all honesty for advertising why write PLEASE Don’t SHARe???

You were so mad when you heard kuti I’m taking another Mua since you had your own mission you were sent for.

Wakutondiudza kuti I sent to nhingi because ishamwari yako akakuudza kuti ishamwari yangu ndiyani?? And if arishamwari yangu why would she ask u angadayi akangotexter direct ka to me above all in her chats hapana paakakuti tione makeup yawaita it was you sending her out of the blue. What were you trying to accomplish?? Or totika akadzima zvimwe??

Even if you advertise people you do makeup ,did we agree that you advertise using me?? I paid you , you did not pay me so you had no right whatsoever to leak my pictures to anybody without my consent. Kunyora Don’t share knowing truly ,you are not supposed to.

Waidii kutumira vamwe vaunoita if it was advertising?

Urikuda kundiitira chihunhu chekughetto unofunga ndakakurira kuBrook here iwe?

Kuita gangup when you know you are guilty ? You should be ashamed rather than justifying what is wrong. Siyana nekutumira vanhu kundifonera husiku huno huya pamba ndiripo undiratidze zvaunogona kuita.

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