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Mai TT Voshora Zim Artists Vanoita Mashows For 2 Cents Zvenzara Ndakabhara Kelly Khumalo Thousands USD

Comedian Mai Tt said that Zimbabwean artists charge 2 cents for shows and that she paid tens of thousands of dollars to Kelly Khumalo to perform at her wedding. Many Musicians are not happy with Mai TT statements. Popular musicians reached out to Zimbolivenews with comments of disappointments. Many wanted to remain annonymous to avoid drama with mai TT. The sentiment was the same that she wanted to pay local artists peanuts and yet will pay thousands to Kelly khumalo.

A Few weeks before Mai TT's wedding she tried to pay Winky D $500 to play at her bridal shower. Mai TT was told that  $500 was amount Winky D paid each of his band members. 
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Winky D Snubbed Mai TT’s Wedding? 

Details have emerged, indicating that Winky D allegedly snubbed Mai TT’s wedding, after being offered a paltry US$500.Mai TT is reported to have wanted Winky D to grace her wedding and perform for attendees on the day. The white wedding will be held on the 19th of April in South Africa. She got married to Tinashe Maphosa in the United States in an intimate ceremony, last year and the couple has since had their traditional wedding.

Mai TT reportedly contacted Winky D’s camp so they can invite him to perform on the day. She then offered to pay him US$500 to play for an hour. Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda allegedly responded: “Mari iyoyo ndoyatinobhadhara base (sic) guitarist wedu or our Dj Layan for one hour [The amount you are offering us is the kind of money that we pay to our bass guitarist or to DJ Layan for an hour].”

If true, this is not the first time the Zimdancehall legend has declined to perform. In 2020, Winky D turned down an offer from controversial socialite Passion Java for an undisclosed project. The project was worth a staggering US$35 000.

Banda said they could not take up the deal because they were swamped with other projects at the time.

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