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Malema Apostle Chiwenga & Passion Java Blasts Prophet Makandiwa Over Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

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22 Jan, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Malema Apostle Chiwenga & Passion Java Blasts Prophet Makandiwa Over Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

Prophet Makandiwa has been standing strong on his opinion that the covid 19 vaccination is a plan to bring in the mark of the beast. This opinion has been supported by many other prophets as they are urging their members not to take this vaccine.

Prophet Passion Java has remained silent to this matter until today he posted a short video in Dubai eating groundnuts.

Prophet Passion has warned that covid 19 is real and people should be careful in how they conduct themselves.
In an emotional message
Prophet Java reminds of how painful death is and how devastated he still is after losing his mother earlier this month. He also reminded many Zimbabweans of the great people we lost to death such as Ginimbi.

Apostle Chiwenga and Jukius Malema also blasted prophet Makandiwa for hi message telling people in Africa not to take the vaccine.

He also put forward that if vaccines are killing people and covid 19 is killing people ,then there is no difference. In closing out on his message he urged all Zimbabweans to exercise caution and pay attention to directives being given in order to contain this pandemic.

More than 900 people perished in the 1978 Jonestown (Guyana) massacre. Not because they were sick, but because they were influenced by an individual to willingly take poison into their bodies. It was simply a template; a blueprint of something that will be done at a greater proportion. Because of such devastating events, some people think they are being smart by avoiding religious systems. What they do not know is that they are being deceived. There is a global cult emerging and they are at the center of this religion. The way the Jonestown story unfolded, is exactly what is going to become of this Earth. A cult leader is emerging. Do not be tempted to think that you are immune to this kind of deception, where you subject your body to something that is unverified. Just like a messenger was sent to the people in Jonestown before the last massacre, I have been sent with a message. What is about to happen is something that we have never witnessed in this lifetime. Be warned now, so that when I am finally silent, you will remember what I have told you.


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