Thursday, December 01

Mashura Mai TT Vofumura Tinashe Maphosa Akarara NeShamwari Yangu Shuvai Ku Rainbow Towers Patakachata

Name One thing a person you called your friend once did to you that wen u look back you be like zvakaoma 🙌🙌🙌.
Mine in comment section
The person I thought was my friend fucked my ex husband and I got to know it later on.

She came to my house pretending to be drunk in my absence knowing fully im not around . Ex was like let me take you to your hotel room my PA drove them to Rainbow tours only to be parked by rainbow for 3 hrs akamiswa mumota wen x returned his shirt was wringled lipstick on it and his reason fr delaying was muRainbow tours mamaenda magetsi so we were shifting her staff in another room inemagetsi 🙄.
My Pa went back home told ana Aunty and they decided not to tell me until I discovered in his fone wen he was discussing it kuti never ever we mention this to mom in her condition she will be devastated.

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