Friday, August 12

Muchekadzafa Jah Israel Blasts TB Joshua Before He Is Even Buried

I remember last year we did an expose on this man , talking about his deceptions , lies and manipulations . Many people have flocked into Nigeria to buy anointed water , stickers and oils that he claimed can heal any sickness . 
Here is a very interesting analogy . For the past 2 years TB Joshua was on medication 💊, popping pills because he had a chronic illness . None of this was made public because it would demoralise the water and oil customers and shut down the business . 
If this man was a true man of God why didn’t he use his anointed water , oil and stickers to heal himself ? The problem with our naive and senseless African brothers and sisters is that nommatter the signs they will forever be blinded by religion . 
Before he died he was a false prophet , a thief , liar and a charlatan and now that he’s gone nothing changes , he remains the biggest Charlatan to ever walk on earth . Whether he makes heaven or hell , that is between him and God . 
May his soul rest in peace !!

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