Saturday, June 25

Mukoma Masimba

When i asked Mukoma Masimba what go Deeper means his response was " Thank you for asking my sister Gemma Go Deeper means hitting back on whatever you hear or you say i dont makeup a story , if you tell me something i will ask you questions on what you say"

Mukoma Masimba went deeper on Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg, in this go deeper session a few questions were raised, which we will list. Mukoma Masimba's Go Deeper sessions are lives where he tells people his thoughts and analysis on matters. Go Deeper is meant to make people think and see things from Mukoma Masimba's point of view.

Mukoma Masimba informs us that he loves and cares for his sister Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg and the questions in his Go Deeper are not personal but meant to make Tatelicious be straight like a line. Mukoma Masimba also claims he gave Tatelicious his password when her account was banned and when she got her account unbanned she blocked Mukoma Masimba. All he wants is for his sister to be straight and answer his questions and they can still be brother and sister.

Mukoma Masimba's Go Deeper Points to Tatelicious

- There are no records in Sweden of Tatelicious and Richard getting divorced

- Tatelicious still has her penis, since there has only been one successful Vaginoplasty (male to female surgery) in Sweeden

-Tatelicious lied about being pregnant and claimed she had a miscarriage

-Accuses Tatelicious of lying about being a lawyer

- Tatelicious lied about  charity, donating computers Mukoma Masimba is challenging her to show proof, of this charity work.

-Does not believe Richard is wealthy as Tatelicious claims, believes Tatelicious and Masimba are in the same bracket wealth wise.

-Tatelicious lying about sleeping with a  millionare client who is worth $4.5 Million

-Wants to see the outside on Tatelicious's penthouse and not just a corner

-Claims the photo Tatelicious posted for her wedding dinner is the same photo she used for her fake divorce dinner.

Zimbolivenews hopes Mukoma Masimba and Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg makeup and support each other. 

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