Sunday, April 02

Mukoma Masimba "Nonsense" On The Rise

Mukoma Masimba is on a mission to gain his title to become the Zimbabwean King of Social Media once again. Mukoma Masimba lost the tiltle over a year ago when he used to be featured on social media groups like zimbolivetv and other top Zimbabwe social media groups.

Over the last few months, his facebook lives have avaraged 5-8 viewers but over the last month since Mukoma Masimba was shamed on one of his lives. We have seen the Views on his lives jump up from an average of eight to an average of 35-45. Another thing we have noticed is that if you make a negative comment on Mukoma Masimba's lives he will read the comments and response to you with his "NONSENSE posts" or live

Mukoma Masimba and the Go Deeper Movement is making a comeback. Keep up the hard work and educating Zimbabweans with Go Deeper Movement.

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