Sunday, April 02

Mushonga WaTatelicious Wotanga Kusenza Mai TT Votaya Njere Kuenda Kuvavengi Vavo Kuti Vavabatsire Kupunza Muchato NaTianshe Maphosa

Tatelicious performed a ritual which was never reversed and it appears the effects of that ritual are now taking affect. Mai TT has been in fights with a number of women socialites and  has  now turned to them to help her expose and attacked her American Bonzo Renyama Tinashe Maphosa, who she is accusing of emotional, physical and financial abuse. As observers of social media streets one can only wonder if Tatelicious's ritual is cause Mai TT reaching to women who has wanted her downfall for years and her marriage to fail.  Mai TT reaching out to these women to help her destroy whats left of her 3 months marriage can oly be described as a supernatural act. These women has made her cry , stress and suffer pain and in her darkest hours she has them by her side mushonga we Homwe yemateteguru is powerful. 

Another question one must ask is whetherthese women her helping Mai TT for the right reason?  or its a way for them to gain victory over her marriage and laugh at her later, only time will tell. Below is a post from Mai TT thanking her long time social media enemies.

Sis Melly
Kettina Ketty Masomera
Joey Tanae Nyikadzino
Zuva Habane 
Aunty Jenny 
And every other woman with me on this one ☝️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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