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Nash TV Bows To Public Pressure Gives Back Artists Rights To Their Music

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26 Apr, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Nash TV Bows To Public Pressure Gives Back Artists Rights To Their Music

LOCAL online telecast, Nash TV has bowed to public pressure and relinquished all its copyrights over music it produced for artists after an ‘exploitative’ contract leaked drawing criticism from netizens.

In a leaked contract, artists were made to surrender all their rights over their music content to the collective Nash Group in exchange for promotions, video shoot, and interviews. However, the contract valid from the date signed to infinity steered a backlash from many who felt the deal was exploitative to upcoming artists who are desperate for exposure and an income.

In a statement Sunday, Nash TV, which is an entertainment subsidiary the Nash Holdings, said in future it would publish its company financial statements to public scrutiny as proof that it had not benefited from the contracts.
“We have always considered ourselves a platform by the people, for the people and for that reason we value public views and feedback to the work we do.

“Due to the public outcry concerning some of our contracts with artists, we have taken it upon ourselves to release all the copyrights to Color Vibes videos, Hotspot Vibes and Live Shows that we have done.

“Any artist, who recorded with us and wants to claim the copyright to their song, should feel free to do that.

“The leaked contract was designed to give the company maximum protection especially after paying the artists the agreed figure for the music or video in full.

Nash TV added that stakeholders of the entertainment industry will be roped in as the company drafts new contracts that protect both the artists and company.

“Going forward we are working on a new contract and we will reach out to all arts stakeholders, critics included so that we come up with a contract which seeks to protect not only ourselves but the artist as well. We will have the contract debates live on air until we come up with a solid win win contract.

We are also opening our financials to public scrutiny and these will demonstrate that as Nash Group we have not made any profits from Nashtv,” reads part of the statement.

Nash TV is popularly known for its Color Vibes and Hot Spot shows which started running last year.

Top local musicians including Poptain, Holy Ten, Jah Master, Andy Muridzo, Mambo Dhuterere have featured on the online channel that also churned out some hit tracks, Hello Mwari, Fadza Mutengi and many others.


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