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Natalie Shingi Munyeza’s Side Chick Speaks Out

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20 Jan, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Natalie Shingi Munyeza’s Side Chick Speaks Out

Is the hot video vixen featured in Jah Prayzah’s Mukwasha, the lady in question over prominent businessman and pastor Shingi Munyeza’s fall from grace?

Many asked as some had already concluded that the controversial pastor couldn’t resist Natalie’s thirst trap. Pastor Munyeza has admitted to cheating on his wife, even going to the extent of stepping down from his position in his church – supposedly to show remorse over his action.


This, after his daughter Nomsa Munyeza called him out in public, exposing his shenanigans.

The man of God is admittedly failing to hold it in his pants 26 years later after he married Wilma Munyeza. After prominent names – Acie Lumumba too, among many – insinuated Natalie was the woman Shingi couldn’t hold his pants for, the publication got in touch with the warm-hearted and enthralling Natalie who offered to set the record straight on her side of the story concerning viral rumours. What’s even surprising about this hot mess is, she doesn’t even know who Shingi Munyeza is.

In a Facebook post that isn’t far from Shingi Munyeza’s handwriting, Ms Natalie quotes the Bible verse indicating that she was being persecuted over her righteousness.

Read her side of the story below;

“An open letter to the public

Matthew 5:10

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

I feel sorry for the Munyeza family for what they are going through. I pray that Mrs Munyeza finds strength to handle this without breaking down🙏🏽 Before I’m anything else I am a woman too and I know how infidelity can cause permanent emotional damage.
It’s unfortunate that I’m being dragged into their scandal but I guess it’s the price I pay for being a public figure.
On a lighter note I didn’t realize ndiri kupisa like that 😂 I’ll open my own church ndingogara ndapihwa the tithes directly!
I don’t know this man, this would have been a joke if I knew him but sadly I only got to know he exists today.

I’m going through grief as I just lost a parent, I don’t usually respond but this came at a terrible time and I had to get this off my chest because ignoring this would have pushed me into depression.

Stay safe and mask up



Natalie is also threatening to sue those who are pushing the rumour that she is wrecking Munyeza’s marriage.

“Wait, I’ll get to the bottom of this if they don’t bring v11s I’m suing,” she told iHarare.


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