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Nelia Kadungure Story Before She Was Famous & Rich

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02 Mar, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Nelia Kadungure Story Before She Was Famous & Rich

Nelia Kadungure’s story from rags to riches:-Nelia Kadungure is a Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman. She is the sister of the late Ginimbi and is the major heiress to the businessman’s wealth.

She inherited the bulk of Ginimbi’s estate. According to the details of Ginimbi’s Will, Nelia will get 60% of the funds generated from the Genius Kadungure Trust.

She did her high school at Conway College.

Nelia revealed that she was always by his side and he was paying for everything including the school fees at a private school

She admitted that she became addicted to the socialite life and started doing the wrong things, resulting in her pregnancy. She then gave birth to her son Mukudzei.

Nelia said she made up her mind to fix her life and went back to school after the birth of her son (Mukudzei) and eventually got 12 Cambridge points at A’Level.

Nelia is one of the sisters that were left by Ginimbi living at his mansion and she says her father and Ginimbi were a pillar of strength in her life and she is devastated by his death.

She once worked for KMPG, a multidisciplinary firm offering audit, tax and advisory services.

In 2019 she ventured into entrepreneurship, by then his brother opened a salon for her.

In 2020 she started getting involved in real estate, selling stands in Domboshava. His brother Ginimbi introduced him to the fuel business.

The following is her evolution from 2014 to 2021.

Caught up in the fast lane Of live fast die young scenario ,Drinking and smoking is the order of the day for Nelia Kadungure.

Nelia Kadungure

Will be looking at the amazing transformation of Nelia Kadungure, her story is a typical from rag to riches. She is related to the late Genius Ginimbi and she is one of the sisters who was left a big portion of Ginimbi’s wealth. Approximately 60% was left for to inherit and she currently resides in the mansion left for her.

Nelia Kadungure is a Zimbabwean Socialite and Business woman she attended Cornway College and Ginmbi used to sponsor and finance for her well being. She unfortunately made some bad choices and made mistakes in high school which resulted in her having a son. Despite this after the birth of her son she went back to school to finish her studies. She managed to obtain 12 Cambridge points.

In 2014 Ginimbi opened a hair salon for her and the following year her brother introduced her to the fuel business. Last year before passing away Ginimbi involved her sister into real estate and she has been active ever since. She says her brother and father had always been a pillar of strength and since their untimely passing life has not been easy.


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