Wednesday, May 18

Nelson Chamisa Rebrands Reveals 2023 Slogan CHAMISA NGAAPINDE

MDC President Nelson Chamisa just announced his 2023 Presidential campaign slogan "CHAMISA NGAAPINDE". Chamisa who was kicked out of MDC Alliance is running for the presidential election in 2023. see video below of the news slogan.


Chamisa Ngaapinde has taken social media platforms by storm as the nation grapples with rising political tension.

President Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance is expected to defeat Mr Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF party in the 2023 elections.

Social media user Ba Mutetwa observed:

“The successor


who never disappointed! One succession matrix that has upsetted the establishment


. Mukomana ngaapinde ne


just equal to the task of reformation and upward mobility


register, vote and defend…”


Emmanuel Zellers Gumbo commented:

“We have had so many body blows, many hiccups, we have lost a lot. More importantly we remain unshaken, strong and determined to win Zimbabwe for change.


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