Sunday, April 02

Nelson Chamisa Survives Grenade Bomb Attack In Chinhoyi

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa Sunday survived what the party insists was an assassination attempt by suspected Zanu-PF assailants.

Occupants of a silver sedan with the licence plate AFA 1651 allegedly threw a grenade just as Chamisa's convoy approached Gadzema Grounds, venue for the opposition chief's rally.

No deaths or injuries were reported from the incident.

The Sunday attack on the opposition leader followed reports of petrol bombs having been thrown at the opposition's staff which was preparing the venue on Saturday night.

CCC deputy national spokesperson Ostallos Siziba linked the attack on Zanu-PF militant supporters.

"As we enter into the shadows of the next election, with CCC support surging and president Chamisa emerging undisputed as the leader of choice to be the next president of this country, Zanu-PF is resorting to violent and fascist tactics to try and destroy the authentic opposition, assassinate its leadership, dismember its supporters, and deter citizens from supporting our movement.

"As was seen in Chinhoyi, the intention was to harm the president and anyone associated with the CCC project and also to prevent participation and support the citizens' movement," said Siziba.
Despite the security scare, thousands of CCC supporters braved the situation to attend the rally.

Chamisa's Chinhoyi assassination attempt comes just a month after he faced two similar threats in Wedza and Gokwe Kabuyuni.

Siziba claimed that repeated attacks on the opposition leader were evidence that Zanu-PF was using violence to coerce citizen support ahead of the 2023 elections.

"It's a clear sign that Zanu-PF wants to evoke its tool of violence and sponsor an election without choice.

"We have got the plate number of the vehicle which had the person who threw the grenade in front of the president's motorcade.

"We are going to be making sure that we act decisively to resolve this because an election must be free and fair, and free from violence and intimidation," Siziba said.

The opposition announced that it would seek help from the regional and international communities to intervene on the escalating political violence ahead of the 2023 elections

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