Tuesday, March 05

Nick Mangwana And Zanupf Not Bothered Zvavo House Tax In Zimbabwe Yarwadza Vakawanda Vision 2030

The so called “mansion tax” as you put it is actually a “hut tax” because there are no mansions worth US$100k.





It is a very stupid idea Nick Mangwana because it makes life harder for those in Harare than say those in Marondera, and those in Bindura although they own the same size properties and earn the same money if they still work.





Houses are valued through supply and demand and post codes, it makes the whole idea ridiculous because you will stop citizens from buying houses in good areas for fear of heavy taxing.





You want to widen the rich-poor divide by making certain areas a preserve of the rich and politically connected only!


You “hut tax” is unfair because it places a disproportionate burden on individuals in specific locations. 







The complexities in determining property values based on supply, demand, and post codes are factors that will make the implementation of such a “hut tax” challenging and counterproductive and more importantly extremely corrupt because who will determine the value of the property?







You don’t tax wealth or savings, you tax earnings, an old couple is earning nothing in their home in Chisipite or Hatfield, a roof over their heads is a human right not a luxury to be taxed.


The State should be providing housing and not taxing those that have done so for themselves under difficult economic circumstances.


This “hut tax” places a disproportionate burden on individuals who already face economic challenges especially in areas like Waterfalls, Mabelreign, Hatfield, and Marlborough where home owners are already struggling with economic instability or high poverty rates.


Introducing additional taxes on homeowners will definitely exacerbate financial pain on these folks that you seem not to care about, this tax will ruin their lives.


This “hut tax” will also stop property ownership for those already struggling to meet the basic necessities of life like healthcare and daily upkeep.


Zimbabwe has Gold, Diamonds,

Platinum, Lithium, Agriculture, Chrome, where is the money going?

You say this money is for roads, where is our ZINARA money going, where are fuel levies going, where is road tax going, where is the carbon tax going?


Why can’t you use these alternative revenue sources or focus on improving economic conditions that attract investment that will create jobs that will then widen the tax base instead of punishing home owners whom you already punished twice by looting their pensions and savings in 2009 and in 2019?


This “hut tax” on homeowners will slow down economic growth by affecting consumer spending and investment in the housing market which is badly needed Nick.


The unemployed who are living in these houses are already suffering, why do you want to add more economic pain on them?


I urge the public to throughly reject this harebrained idea that will punish even those without homes because rentals will go up.


How do you provide water to people with boreholes, how do you provide sewers to people with individual sewage systems?

Your provision is ridiculous if I have to describe it politely!These guys are anti progress 😞. Most Diasporans will stop building back home. Remember Diaspora remittance through house construction has been a big contributor to that country's growth and development.Zim yandikandisa mapfumo pasi vision 2030 yakapenga

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